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Agenda SLTB 2019 - Seville

Speakers SCUG ws

Time Speaker Topic
10:00 INTRODUCTION: Tamara Geach Stem Cell User Group Organiser and chair
10:20 Mike Watts (UCLH) GOSH engraftment issues
10:40 Karen Buckland (Cell and Gene Therapy-GOS ICH, London) Cryostore CS5 Stability validations
11:00 Allison Hubel (University of Minnesota) Optimising freezing profiles
11:20 Roberto Hernán (Cellulis) Safe, affordable and standardized delivery of cryopreserved therapies
11:40 Coffee break
12:00 Kevin Jestice / Asymptote (Cambridge Hospital, UK) Dry or wet thawing; dare to compare.
12:20 Stephanie Ingleton (UCLH, London) Influence of cooling rate on clonogenic cell recovery
12:40 Kieron Edwards-Pritchard (Biodock) Biodock and maximising cryogenic storage capacity
13:00 Francisco Moniche (HU Virgen del Rocio) Bone marrow stem cell and ischemic stroke
13:20 Francisco José Calero (HU Virgen del Rocío – Ibis) 3D Bioprinting of skeletal muscle constructs with different bioink and the use of bioreactor for stimulating
13:40 Iñaki Roke Oruezabal (IATA) Cell therapy model in the Andalusian Public Healthcare System
14:00 LUNCH
15:00 Mick McClean (Atelerix) Storage and transport of cells and tissues at room temperature
15:20 John Morris General Electric Healthcare
15:40 Lisa O'Connor (OLCHC Crumlin ) The effect of long term storage on cryopreserved Haematopoietic Stem Cells
16:00 Michael Schenk (Miltenyi Biotec in Collaboration with Dr. Sandra Loaiza, John Goldman Centre for Cellular Therapy, Hammersmith Hospital) Cryopreservation and CliniMACS Prodigy: Regenerating virus specific T cells from frozen DLIs
16:20 Terry McKindley (Deva-Medical) Demonstration of the Zip Thaw thawer
16:40 Open discussion
17:00 Meeting Close

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